Equality Statement




Our entire company is fully committed to combatting systemic racism in our country and promoting social justice. Black Lives Matter.


We believe that theatre, at its best, holds a mirror up to society, and we are presently turning that mirror towards ourselves to recognize our own complicity in not doing enough to support, promote, and produce BIPOC artists and staff. While we have always been committed to creating work that reflects diverse lives, opinions, and viewpoints, we know that we can and will do better to open doors and amplify the voices of all people. We are listening, we are hearing, and we are committing to work towards meaningful change every day for our company to become fully anti-racist and pledged to equality.


As a company, we vow to foster a culture of belonging and acceptance; stand for justice; maintain an open dialogue with our employees; perpetuate a safe workspace, community and zero tolerance policy on discrimination, harassment and oppression; and take action against offenders. We will be held accountable.


As we say in Kinky Boots, “You change the world when you change your mind. ” We steadfastly believe that theatre is both personal and universal in its power to be a catalyst in making us better, kinder, wiser citizens of the world. We continue to strive to produce work that opens hearts and minds, touches people emotionally, encourages them to become more empathetic to new thoughts and ideas, and inspire audiences to action. We will use our stories to promote themes about accepting others for who they are; being true to yourself; championing human rights; finding your purpose, your voice, your strength; paying homage to your history, and yet always looking to the future.